COVERGIRL BlastFlipstick

I was super excited to find out I was chosen to participate in the Covergirl Blast Flipstick campaign. As a BzzAgent, there are many fun opportunities to try out free products or products at a good discount. As luck would have it, I was able to try the lip colors for free. I was supposed to receive 3 Flipsticks but unfortunately only two arrived in my box. My lips formed into a sad shape but soon turned upwards to embrace the two Flipsticks I did receive.

So what’s so special about the Blast Flipsticks, you wonder. Those were my thoughts as well as I waited for the lip colors to arrive.

Have you ever had an event to attend after working all day? An event that doesn’t allow much time to shift from your day make-up to your evening make-up?  Most of us have probably read an article or two on how to quickly add a little eye shadow here or there and a dash of color on the lips before running out the door. The Blast Flipsticks can be classified in that category: from day wear to evening wear.

One side has a lighter color for daytime wear. The other side has a bolder color for evening wear. Two lip colors in one, essentially. Flip from one side to the other. Day to night in just a flip of a lipstick.

My favorite color was the Vixen. The lighter color reminded me of a frosty, shimmery pink shade. The bolder color is more of a deeper pinkish-mauve hue. Each color alone is amazing but I typically wore the two colors together, putting on the darker one first and then coating it with the lighter color.

The second lip color I received was Stunner. I wasn’t as crazy about these two shades and didn’t reach for this Flipstick quite as much. The lighter color is more of a goldish copper, depending on the light, and the darker color runs more in the coral family. I tried both colors alone, together to include light over dark and the dark over light. It was a no-go for me. I might on rare occasions use the gold side but I’m thinking of giving it away.

The lighter colors tend to go on smooth, creamy and have a shimmery look to them. The darker colors go on quite dry. I did check Covergirl’s website after trying the lip colors to see how they were marketing the Flipsticks. They describe one side as having shimmer and the other as creamy. I didn’t find that to be the case.

Would I purchase one of the Flipsticks in a different shade? I would. There are at least three other shades I’d like to try. I do like the Flipsticks and not having to try to figure out what colors look good together. I like having options of wearing two shades in a variety of looks.


(first 2 swatches starting from bottom)

As a Bzzagent, I received the Covergirl BlastFlipstick free in order to review the product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.


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